Yayi Joyce


I Help You Own Your Joy, Release
Generational Patterns 
 Where You Can Be Wealthy And Well-Rested.
Step Courageously Into Living In Your Joy!

 Coach & Mentor 

I help those ready to get their "ISH" together go deeper
 in their spiritual connection and ancestral healing. I am here for those looking to create a
 "Wealthy & Well-Rested," Joyful Living lifestyle or Business; we are in this together let's do it not only for the love of the planet but
"For The Love Of Our Ancestors." 

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My Goal Is To Guide You To Heal Intergenteational Patterns & Trauma And To Help You Maximize Your Joy This Lifetime! 

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Don't underestimate the wisdom
Of ancestors.. African Proverb. 


You Do Deserve A
Let's Get to Work SO
That We Can Create,
A Guide, A Plan,
That Helps You
 Live Your Joy . 

Are You Ready For Personal Freedom & Discovery Of Your Joy?
Are Ready For Ancestral Connection & Healing?
Choose Your Path Of Power To Heal Your Inner Soul! 



Ancestral Connection 

 Get My Life "iSh"
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 Ancestral Healing &  ConnectioN 

What clients say

Joyce was through and really took her time to clarify and give compassion where it was needed. We all need some help on our journey and Yayi Joyce is able to provide the assistance in a non-judgemental and trusting manner that comes from God, her ancestors and all her most benevolent higher beings. Many thanks and many blessings. 

Tessa Gutierres / Higher Self Group Coaching Member

She digs deep and helps me to better understand my emotions I am a much better person because of these sessions

Daisty Gates

Thank you so much for your sessions this week. They are pushing me and challenging me to do and be better and I thank you for that. I came into the classes thinking of just stabilizing and increasing my finances but what you are providing is so much more than that. Thank you for exceeding my expectations and providing the space and company to live in accordance with Gods expansive vision instead of my own limited and restricted one. Loving the journey and looking forward to it continuing

Marion Kelly / Healing Circle