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Yayi Joyce.

 I am a spiritual vessel here on earth to help people reconnect with their mind, body, and souls.

I inspire people to nourish their minds, body, and souls to live their life of joy—bodies and connecting with their sense of purpose. I guide people to know to embrace their perfectness, wholeness, and completeness to heal their entire lives by trusting their ancestral energies, embracing their bodies' & innate wisdom.

For 10+ years, I have traveled, working as a vessel of God to guide people back to their joy. My mission is to help you align and evolve your God force energy.

In these 1:1 sessions, I am here for you, I will listen to you openheartedly and divinely without judgment. I want to guide you as you explore what is going on right now in life. 
In these sessions, I use various techniques such as mindfulness, positive psychology, ancestral medicine, and a variety of grounding techniques. The methods I use are to help you get back in touch with your heart space, to slow down and learn to manage your anxiety.
If you trust me, I will be your vessel of guidance. 



Bridging Mindfulness, Ancestral Wisdom, Holistic Health to Live A Life of 



I know in this modern world that life gets busy and so healing in the modern world need and should be flexible,
My services here are easy to book, and I offer a variety of ways that they can be accessed in ways that suit you.

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Spiritual Business Coaching




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