Coaching *  Mentoring 

If you seek a mastery level of support on your spiritual journey and a deeper connection to your ancestors as you evolve. Whether in your life, business, or developing your spiritual gifts, Yayi Joyce is here to help guide you. et help on the things that matter most in your spiritual life and business

but what if you could...

Have the accountability partner and push that you need in the right direction.

Get unstuck in how and move forward joyfully. 

Grow Through your Life & business
 Smarter and not harder!

Identify challenges and roadblocks easily. 

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 Spiritual  coaching * Mentoring 

Guidance & Wisdom That Feels Good
 To The Soul! 

Coaching and mentoring are for you if you are ready
to stop specific patterns in your life that keep showing up repeatedly.
You see the patterns coming up constantly, and you are tired of feeling
the effects of these patterns and are ready for a change.
Coaching is for you if you are prepared for changes to show up
 mentally, physically, emotionally, and collectively.
You are ready to see changes in your clients.
You are ready to see changes in your relationships.
You feel it and know that it is time for a shift in your inner soul.

wondering if this Type Of Coching is right for you?

this is for you if...

You are a spiritual person or spirtual entrepreneur, brand, or business owner who is ready to invest in coaching to expand your spiritual life, make an impact, and upgrade your income.

You love astrology and ancestral honor work setting and achieving goals that help break generational patterns and expand your mindset.

You are teachable and coachable who are ready to take action. 

You are ready to live your destiny and honor your commitment to success.

Willing to do the work to achieve your highest goals and aspirations.

You’re ready to move the roadblocks out the way ambitiously with accountability by your side 

this is Not for you if...

You are not ready to invest in your life & business and do not have the resources to do so at this time. 

You persistently blame others or are stuck in "victim" mode and unwilling to be responsible.

Not ready to be genuine, not open to feedback, develop self-awareness, and regulate oneself.

You do not have the time to complete assignments or invest in assignments getting completed to grow your business

If you want and believe in instant success results without wanting a consistent plan and effort

Those who enjoy failure and repeating patterns in life and business.

Don't believe in a deeper sense of higher knowing, not spiritually inclined to use your higher self or intuitive inner knowing to help you make decisions?


– Yayi Joyce

Looking For Guidance
And Transformation 
HERE ARE The Way's That I Can Help 

By blending astrology, ancestral connection with years of
spiritual counseling life, mindset, and business coaching,
I can help you reconnect with your inner self-purpose,
 find joy again, and increase your wealth & revenue


Here's How The Program Works 

 Living In Joy Coaching & Mentoring program with
 Yayi Joyce is either a 6 or 12 months personal, customized coaching and mentoring engagement that
I designed from your ancestral reading and chart to better support you on your journey of joyful higher vibrational living. 


14 sessions for A 6-month program or
28 sessions for a 1-year program 

Sessions tailored to your ancestral reading
and soul chart readings 

Updates on your chart and readings
 To help keep you in alignment 

Program adaptive to meet your growth and transformation needs 

Voxer and email support between sessions 


Here's How We Can Work Together..

Who is 1:1 Coaching & Mentoring For?
This coaching and mentoring program is for the spiritual seekers, family generational pattern breakers 
And the business owners, freelancers, spiritual service-providers and the all-around person
needing to get their life 

We meet once per week for the first month the bi-weekly for the remaining months 
Recorded in a private client portal for you to review and keep track of your soul wok 
- Unlimited Support on Voxer and Through Email 
- Have Clear Guidance & Sounding Board to Get Guidance In Life Rough Moments 
- Get The Personalized Support, Feedback, and Strategy For Your Life & Business 
- Get Unstuck And Maneuver Through Roadblocks With Direct Guidance

How  Do I  Get  Started  Working  With You Yayi Joyce?

To begin coaching or mentoring with me, then you will need to schedule a session with me, and we begin with a
 30-minutes clarity conversation to see if we are a fit and this program fits your needs. 
- 1 Day- Follow Up Support on Voxer To Answer Any Questions That Came Up After Session 
- Session Recorded For You To Review Strategy And Have Information For Implementation 
- Prep Form To Fill Out So That We Can Get To Work On Those Immediate Areas Of Need

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 What is the Investment?...

 Coaching With Yayi Joyce 

The Investment In Your Soul Work Is Priceless 
$6,500 for the 6- month program and double that price for 12 - month program 
Payment plans are available for all programs 

- My approach is profoundly personalized and intentional — it's not a one-sized-fits-all-formula or
quick fix. Create rooted clarity, lasting impact, and true sustainability through a longer time frame.


For 6 months program Can Be Made In Payment Plans 

Let's Start The converstation 

Other Ways We Can Work Together 

If you are not ready for coaching commitment 

1 week Of Voxer Coaching With  Yayi Joyce  

Voxer Coaching For One Week Of Voxer Access To Answer Your Soul Stirring Questions And Run Your Soul Moving Ideas By. Need Some Guidance On Your Path Of Awakening To One's Life &  Business and To Help Identity Roadblocks, Obstacles In Life  And Business Without The Huge Commitment This Option Is For You ! 

 One Month Of Voxer Coaching With Yayi Joyce

. Voxer Coaching For One Week Of Voxer Access To Answer Your Soul Stirring Questions And Run Your Soul Moving Ideas By. Need Some Guidance On Your Path Of Awakening To One's Life & Business and To Help Identity Roadblocks, Obstacles In Life And Business Without The Huge Commitment This Option Is For You ! 

Ancestral Readings And Coaching Sessions 

Ancestral readings and healing sessions that help you better understand yourself on a deeper, spiritual, and more energetic level. Identify patterns of roadblocks that may be holding you back, determine your genetic strengths, and live your 0life of success. 

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Book Now!

Book Now!

Coaching * Mentoring With Yayi Joyce 

The Ancestral Joy Flow.
Begins with a 2-hour Initial Session to clarify your business and or lifestyle vision.
We Go over your current challenges and the energetics that are affecting your work.
A framework is created for our work.
Weekly Sessions For First Month 
Two 90-minute online sessions per month (+ recordings) 
Our first and last sessions are at least 2-hours.
Meditations, prayer, and soul work 
Unlimited access (via a private platform) and Voxer access
Between sessions for questions, inspiration, love, and support.
Life & Wealth, Ancestral Readings Are Included With Your Coaching & Mentorship 

Kind Words 

Working With Yayi Joyce Has Given Me Deep Insight Into My Life & Business. 

-Life Labels Coaching 


Yayi Joyce

Hi! I'm Yayi Joyce,

Ancestral Worker, astrologer, coach, & author, my work is the culmination of decades of work I've done with myself, as well as the healing work that I've done with my clients for nearly a decade. Working with the ancestors, the planets, and their cycles mean will guide you to understanding who you are, how you relate to your business & wellbeing, and what you require to achieve your joy, wealth, and well-rest.

I love all things astrology, business, and women's wellness, success, and wellbeing through herbology are my thing. I love to help spiritual business women like you build a business, amplify their joy, elevate their health and wellness, and enjoy their lives. Here to guide and inspire you to become wealthy and well-rested. If you are ready to take action, receive guidance through ancestral honor, own your birthright, walk with your shadow and light, and honor your wellness, then this coaching is for you. I am here to help you towards your most joyful self.

So are you in?!

One Week Voxer Coaching plan



one Month Of Voxer Coach Plan 

Most popular
coaching option's 


One month Of Voxer Coaching Sessions 

Ancestral Healing Readings   



 Kind Words 

Clarity, Precision & Business Insight Is What I Was Given 

- Lele Delights 

do you have some questions?

Let's answer them!

What is living in joy coaching?

Living in joy is coaching, a targeted, interactive process designed to facilitate substantial changes in your life. Many people get the readings but do not apply them. Yayi Joyce is coaching you through your reading shows you how to get results.


One of the main differences between coaching and counseling is that Yayi Joyce's coaching style focuses on the future self and in the now living. In contrast, counseling focuses on the past and being stuck there. As a certified wellness coach, Yayi Joyce's work centers around believing that you, the clients, are healthy, whole, and complete. In contrast, counseling utilizes a framework based on pathology and illness.

What if I just want an ancestral reading without coaching?

Yayi Joyce does two types of readings; life or business and wealth; through the syngenetic approach, she uses her different divination techniques to give you the most comprehensive reading. She pulls your Astrology chart, consults the Ancestors, paired with Human design and Bible readings to help you identify roadblocks. 


You may choose termination at any time, but coaching agreements are helped, although it is helpful for your coach to have a 30 days notice to prepare a final session that focuses on review and closure. That decision is up to you; however, many people rarely cancel due to the transformation and shifts.

Can I ask Ancestral Questions In Coaching?

Yes, you can; that is why Yayi Joyce combined her
 1:1 coaching with her readings because she guides clients to their goals through powerful conversations channeled from ancestors.
Pulling your astrology chart, her unique coaching helps you actualize your destiny, your potential, improve your performance, create clarity and support through your personal and professional goals.


In order to make coaching as convenient as possible for you, Yayi Joyce offers several options for you. Coaching services can be in person at however in person must be discussed, and higher rates for our Atlanta office; she also offers on-site for corporate engagements, over the phone, and video for remote clientele

 Are You Ready To Get Your "ISH" Together 


The Joy Flow.

Begins with a 2-hour Initial Session to clarify your business and lifestyle vision.
Go over your current challenges and the energetics that are affecting your work. A framework is created for our work.

The work I do is a beautiful blend of soul and technique.

Two 60-minute online sessions per month (+ recordings).
Our first and last sessions are at least 2-hours.
Meditations, prayer, and soul work
Unlimited access (via a private platform) between sessions for questions, inspiration, love, and support.
Life & Wealth Reading Included Resources.
 Online course access how to live you chart
$2,497 for new clients with Extended payment plans are available.